Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Holiday Poem


Too much happiness
To Alice Munroe and William Trevor (how clever!)
Johnna, Janet, Joanne,
Jan A, Linda K., Linda B., Mary Ann,
Gary and Judy, Mark and Susan
Eric L, Tony D. Sallyanne, the Kuhns clan,
Maxine, Cassie, M.M., Bobby Diamond , David Graham,
Elizabeth A., Tom Mancuso, Julie and Ray,
Charlie, Heidi, Eloise, Toby,
Paul and Harry, Brooke and Tony,
Jenny G., Paula B., Martine, Nancy P.,
Wendy M. and Michael T., Patricia C.,
Angela, Kasuko, Koji, Loraleigh,
And muchos Bolanos to the lovely Julia T.

To Peter and Barbara Bundy
Nilou and Chris Mundy
Edie, Lewis, Alice, Missy, Hilary,
Robert, Nick & Amy, Faith, Jason, Paula P.,
Mrs. Berry, Laura, Nora, Daniel B.,
Brooke A., Cory, Bonnie, Judith, Ali,
William P., Roberta C., Eugenie,
Tom LaB., Carlos P., Morgan B., Carlos G.
Helen, Uncle Ruthie, Jen, Katie and Kilbee,
Ted Borders, Liza , Rita, Flora, Carlotta,
Happy holidays and mora.

Tinselled wreaths to
Mr. Nielsen, Mrs. Neville, Mrs. Bushee, Mrs. McLaughlin
Hilary, Joy and Christopher Robin.

We light the candles and wish you all well
Robin, Neil, Amy, Mila, Georgie and Bill
Doug S., Lisa McC., Margaret and Alan,
Jack, Terry and Ben, Amanda and Dan,
The Motikas, Veronica, Jo Adamina,
Arlene, Timmi, Jane, Madere, Gene LePere,
Michelles, Michaels, Gloria,
Rose, Emma , mom Roberta,
Cheryls, Janes, Johns, Karen L.

Rizzolis to Carrington, Chase, Daniel B.
The Kuprenas, the Randolphs, Linda L.,
John and Tina B., Fern, Gillian, Patricia Ali,
Garish, D.D. and Steve, Mary B., Peggy C.

Whistles and bells
to Hedy, Erin and Ron, Jill and Don,
Madeleine, Irma, Shannon, Melinda
and the two Marsha L’s.

To Erica, Alex, Raoul, Jen, Dawn and Bing,
May Santa bring you oodles of bling.

Beads and sequins to Matthew,
We love you!

To Ruben Blades,
We’ll miss you so much
It must be that Panamanian touch.

Bouquets of flowers to the big-hearted Sher
and a biscuit to Mr. Frankl’s dog – if you dare.

To Rogow and daughter, grifter glee,
and to Larry Gross, esoteric poetry.

Happy, healthy New Year to the Mungers, Hawleys, Hurleys,
The doctors Winner, Magarian, Dasher, Minas, and Khoury,
Shirley, Patty, Mary Guy, Nancy Curry.

Roast beef, Yorkshire and cookbooks galore
To our gourmets Stephanie, Gerri, Margy and Vince,
Momofuku, Seven Fires, Thomas Keller in a pinch.

To the Garveys and Hugh
Gastrokids, thank you!

Break a leg Brandon K.,
Steve the playwright , Tony A.
To our writers, actors, producers
The Matts and the Matthews
Rich F. and Wayne - it must be your name
Without you the bookstore just isn’t the same.

To Laure a carol
and to top it off
a glass of champagene
to Mr. Tom Goff.

Percy, Danzy, Miles et Henri
Joyeux Noel mes amis
(Apologies Percy for bad poetry.)
To Jeremy, Giana, Addie and family
Buon Natale.

To Andrea and sons,
Many books, no - tons.
Carole Koneff and the Third Street School
Cool Yule.

Clementines and oranges
To Sara, Toni, Marvin, Devon,
Hizzoner the Mayor
And our pal Huell Howser.

To Christopher, Doug, Allegra, Eleanor
Dulcie, Dietrich, Sebastian and Beanie,
Sophia the harpist, Wendy and Hop,
Scott, Bebe and daughters, Joel and twins
Jehan , Anissa, Joan and Jack, Jeff, Tara and Finn
all you wish for and more.

To the artists Crescenzo, Dan,, Dwora, Caroline,
Taschens with your names on the spine.

First editions to the Hoders, Heidi and Erik,
Erin, Judy, Anna, Ann , and James Kwan,
Monique, Vicki, Darcy, and our pal Wally Knox
Without readers like you, what would we do?

A New Year with ‘tude
to the Heaneys, the Kneafseys,
the Winneks, the Fains,
the Russells , the Millers,
the Lloyds and the Turners,
the Chandlers, the Holters,
the Judas and Jude.

And lest we forget
Biscuits and bones to
Andrienne and Beau
Brendan, Sharon, daughters and Zack
Nora and Nick
Stacy and Jasper, Robert and Van
Wee Pig, Aya, Hana and Ryan
Carl and his Jaeger,
Roscoe, Gabe and Marie,
Larena, Kenya, and Zoey,
Linda and Buddy, Mrs. Reddin and Zubie,
Wendy and Chewie.

Oh, we give thanks to the girl with the dragon tattoo
Freakonomics , Outliers, Hedgehog and Olive,
Moore, Pamuk, Wambaugh, Hornby, and Larsson
Strout, Dickens, Gladwell, Patterson, Fossum,
Chopra and Walls, Cather and Heller,
Akpan, McCann, James, - P.D., Henry and Baldwin,
Ashbery, Barbery,, Cormac McCarthy.
Tanizaki, Neruda, Murakami, Bassani,
Marquez, Diaz, Achebe, Giovanni,
Morrison, Chabon, Jin, Jen, Lethem
Obama, Lopate, Coelho, Simmons, and Grisham
Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Salinger, Wharton,
Everett, Ellroy, Senna, Russell and Spector,
Without you there would be no bookstore.

Much love to Sylvia, Benjamin, Ruben
Filis, Sue, Alex, Heidi, Tim, and Dawn,
Barbara Grant , An Joum, and Norman.

To Indie bookstores everywhere - keep up the good fight!
and to our readers big and small – stay out of the mall!
Seasons Greetings, Happy New Year
and to all, a good night.

P.S. We haven’t forgotten you
Your name didn’t rhyme
Never mind,
Have a jolly old time!

Happy healthy to Orson, my son
and bloodworms all aglow
to our beautiful newtsMalcom X and Monroe.

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  1. Thank you Chevalier's for including me in your holiday poem. I love all of you and all the books you tend...