Tuesday, April 24, 2012

James Mihaley will be signing copies of his fun new book You Can't Have My Planet, But Take My Brother, Please on Sunday April 29th from 12 - 2 pm.

Thirteen-year-old Giles is the last person anyone would expect to save the planet. he's not as charming as his little sister, and not as brainy as his goody-goody older brother. But when Giles witnesses an alien realtor showing Earth to possible new tenants, he knows he'd better do something. With the help of an alien "attorney" and the maddest scientist in middle-grade fiction, Giles just might save humans from eviction from Earth. Let's hope so. The alternatives are...not so hospitable.
Stephen Motika will be reading and signing copies of his new book of poetry titled Western Practice on Saturday April 28th from 4-6 pm. Reading at 5pm.

Stephen Motika was born in Santa Monica, California. He is the editor of Tiresias: The Collected Poems of Leland Hickman (2009) and the author of the poetry chapbooks Arrival and at Mono (2007) and In the Madrones (2011). A 2010-2011 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Workspace Resident, he is the program director at Poets House and the publisher of Nightboat Books.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rick Lenz will be signing copies of "North of Hollywood" on Sunday April 22nd from 12 - 2 pm.

Rick Lenz is an actor who has made it in New York and Hollywood. You have seen him countless times on TV and in the movies. He has been a popular leading man as well as a character actor, consistently avoiding repetition in the roles he chooses. Rick Lenz has played leads opposite some of entertainment’s biggest names, and has had recurring or guest starring roles on many of your favorite TV shows.

Yet his book is more than just an ordinary Hollywood insider story. Lenz is a terrific writer with a wicked sense of humor. Also a gifted artist and widely produced playwright, Rick uses his extraordinary storytelling skills to take you into his personal experiences with actors and entertainers we normally only hear about through the rumor mills, and to reveal real-life experiences of heartbreak, suspense, discovery and joy.

His memoir is fascinating. He doesn’t pull any punches. Along with plenty of showbiz anecdotes, he tells us about his marriages (especially his “final” one) and his journey from summer stock through New York, then to Hollywood. He offers us deep insights into an actor’s life and living in general. Feeling the shock waves of his stormy family background, including the emotional tremors of nearly losing his daughter who struggled for years with drugs, Rick Lenz is a real life husband and dad—and the absorbing reality of that shines through his words.

Spending time with Rick Lenz is fun, enlightening and authentic. If this weren’t a true story it would make a mesmerizing fictional adventure. Bottom line: North of Hollywood is edgy, way out of the ordinary, and, as a bonus, funny as hell.

Friday, April 6, 2012


by Edward St. Aubyn

This single volume includes 4 harrowing novels ,"Never Mind", "Bad News",
"Some Hope" and "Mother's Milk". 

I changed my mind about writing a review when I asked our customer, the eloquent, brilliant and very, very funny Aussie author, Bradley Trevor Grieve, for his opinion of the books.  His response:
"A barbed wire enema with a glass of champagne."
Any other review pales.

by Percival Everett

What can I say?  Double down. You get two books for the price of one.You'll understand when you read it. Brilliant AND funny.

by Fuminori Nakamura
translated by Satoko Izumo and Stephen Coates

For all of you who love Japanese mysteries, this one is a find - grim, perverse, and a peephole into the Japanese underground.  Maybe Tokyo isn't so safe after all?

Then go see "Jiro Dreams of Sushi".  It's like watching an Ozu film had he made documentaries.  Extraordinary.

                                    THE BUS DRIVER WHO WANTED TO BE GOD & Other Stories
      by Etgar Keret
      With this cover and this title (the title of the first short story in the book) how can you not try it?  Wildly imaginative and moving short stories by the Israeli author Etgar Keret.

Douglas Woods to Sign "The California Casa"

Douglas Woods will be signing copies of his latest book, The California Casa, on Sunday April 15th from 12 - 2 pm.

This sumptuous and comprehensive volume embraces one of the most beloved house forms, the Spanish Colonial Revival, presenting at once a lavish portrait of the style as well as the definitive statement on the subject through more than three hundred color photographs.

The Spanish style in architecture encompasses facets from a vast array of traditions, many of which are in evidence in these extraordinary houses. Elements include thickset, whitewashed stucco walls, deeply recessed doors, lushly planted courtyard gardens, intricate and colorful tile work, telescoping towers inset with Juliet balconies, elaborately traced wrought-iron window grilles, and richly appointed interiors heightened by drama in light and shadow cast by moody pendant lamps and low-burning fires.

The houses featured are the very best of the type, both famous and little-known, and showcase the work of architects such as George Washington Smith, Bertram Goodhue, Wallace Neff, and Paul Williams, from the early twentieth century, to the work of contemporary practitioners, including Marc Appleton, Michael Burch Architects, and others. These homes are a fantasy for living made real in the Southern California sun.